6 Daily Habits for success

The first to admit that some of my habits have not always been entirely conducive to being productive. Ok, let’s be honest more than some – a lot!

And when I started working for myself these habits became even more pronounced because suddenly I didn’t have the luxury of a regular pay check, I was in charge of making it happen. So I started making some tweaks + became obsessed with productivity hacks and morning routines – all with the intention of getting sh*t done + how to keep and stay motivated.

What I came to realise is that our daily habits can make or break our success and if we don’t recognise the bad habits holding us back from achieving our goals, then we’re setting ourselves up for failure before we’ve even begun.

It’s easy to fall into the trap of bad habits, because as humans, we are naturally creatures of habit.

How many times have you done something just out of habit?

You may not even question your behaviour because it is so ingrained in you.

The trick is to recognise the habit and take action to rectify it by establishing good habits to replace them.

It takes conscious effort to be disciplined but by breaking those bad habits + instead setting yourself up with good habits you are laying the foundation and path to your success.

I’ve experimented with various habits and with repeated tried and tested behaviour I’ve identified 6 that I now use on a daily basis – I call these my Daily Habits for Success + have them printed out on my vision board as a constant reminder.

I’m a big believer in keeping things simple and as uncomplicated as possible which is why I limited the habits to 6. http://rachelgadiel.com
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Johanna Estevez Is a Former Actress who moved to New York City to persue her Dreams. She has been in various Films & Off Off Broadway shows. Is a member of (SAG) Screen Actors Guild, (AEA) Actors Equity Association and AFTRA. In 2006 attended William Esper University where she accomplished her Bachelors in Film/TV/Theatre. In Between years Studied Scene Study Classes at Black Nexus, Inc. With Coach To the Celebrities "Susan Batson" & "Carl Ford". In 1999 worked For Sean "Puffy Combs" "Daddy's House" Studios, as a Receptionist. Shortly after Collaborated for as assistant To Jonathan Cohan at "Handprint Entertainment" Jennifer Lopez Management "Benny Medina". In 2005 she auditioned in Miami for Hollywood Director Robert Townsend where she was selected out of 1,000 hopeful candidates. Unfortunately network was Cancelled...Johanna also Filmed with Hollywood Director John Singleton.
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